Pilots and their Planes


The following are pictures of pilots and their planes for whom I've provided training.



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Jamey Courtney and his A36 at KSQL


Marshall McDonald and his 1949 A35 at E16


Ron Hays and his B55 at KSBA


Dr. Joe McMurray and his A36 at KRHV


Dave Wallace and his BE36TC at KSQL


Bill and Kathy Zoslocki with their A36 at KPAO


John Reiter and his BE35 at KDVO


Jonathan McQueen and his BE36 at KPAO


Kent Mitchell and his BE55 at KPAO


Jack Moses and his BE58 at KPAO


Graham Haddock and his BE55 at KSAT


Dr George Fisher and his BE58 at KSAT


David Godfrey and his BE35 at KSAF on a ferry flight to Canada


Ken Hahn and his BE55 at KSQL


Rodger Barkoff and his BE36 at KHWD

John McGowan and his Comanche 180 at KRHV

Wayne Moon and his wife Shirley with their A36 at KCCR


Mark O'Brien and his P58 Baron at KCCR


Chip Ridley and his BE36TC at KCCR